About Dealing with Personal Information


The Range to which Consideration for Privacy is Applied
Consideration for privacy is applied when the user utilizes the services of Company. Also, personal information gathered while the user is utilizing the services of Company is managed in accordance with the consideration for privacy. The consideration for privacy of our company is not applied to persons and companies that are not under direct management of Company.


Sharing and Disclosure of Information
Personal information of Company’s clients will be used only for the purpose of improving and giving guidance of our various “User Services” such as user registration, application for on-line sales, registeration of mail address for mailing services etc., and also for the purpose of appropriate guidance on improvement of goods and services that Company provides and of doing questionnaire for the same purpose. Other than those, personal information of our clients will not be used. If personal information of our clients will be required to be used other than on web site, such personal information will never be disclosed to any third party, without consent of our


Gathering and Utilizing Information
When gathering information concerning individual client (hereinafter referred to as Personal Information), we inform our client of its purpose and content in advance, and get your consent to register the information. We will never use Personal Information when it deviates from the purpose of use.


About DM
We might send you information about goods and services that are deemed to be of benefit to our clients via e-mail and post. If you do not want, we will stop to send such information.


About Cookie
Cookies is a media to be used for our client to browse our site when you visit web site of Company. It does not infringe your privacy nor give bad effects to your computers. It is possible to set Internet browsing software (browser) in order not to accept cookies, However, browsing of a part of our web site might be difficult. Please contact your software manufacturer to set up your sortware.


About Security
In order to protect privacy of our clients who visit our web site, we take actions which are,in our judgement, deemed to be necessary. Among services in our web site, there may be a case in which client information of high security (for example, credit card number) is required. In such case, we make efforts to protect the information by using such method as encrypting the data.


About Managing Personal Information
Personal information is managed appropriately and safely by assigning the responsible who are in charge of information management. Our clients’ personal information is managed with approapriate methods. Personal information of our clients is not disclosed, lent nor transferred to any third party, without approval of our clients, unless it is claimed by legal authorities and Company recognizes it necessary to protect rights and assets of Company.

You use our web site under your responsibility. Company will not assume any responsibility whatsoever for all damages that might be caused by using various information obtained from our web site or any other web sites which are linked to our web site. Our web site is under the control of our company. This site can be accessed from countries all over the world with different laws.

However, we regard our clients who access to our web site as agreed to the Japanese laws to be applicable to use our web site. On our web site, we do not make any representation and warranty as to if contents of our web site are applicable to your environment or not. We understand that you access our web site based on your free will, and the responsibility concerning the use of this site shall be with you.
As for the protection of clients’ personal information, we are doing our very best, as described above. However, you are requested to pay thorough attention to information management.


■About Revision of this Consideration for Privacy
Company’s policy on protection of our clients’ personal information is subject to change wholly or partly. Should an important change will be made, you will be informed of such change on our web site in an easy manner to understand.





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This company is not responsible for losses or damages incurred by use of the data.