Made in Me Project

Made in Me Project

“Made in Me = created by myself” ‒ As indicated by the name, we aim to create products through which you can develop your individuality and learn to express yourself. The particularity of our Made in Me products is that they can be fully customized by users.We aim to create products that will give you an opportunity to explore and articulate various interests. This bag is our first creation in the context of this project, but we will produce and exhibit different types of items in the future on a regular basis.

Noma experience studio

Noma experience studio is the name of our team under which we plan and operate the Made in Me Project. Each member of Noma has a different background as a clothing designer, a patterner and a furniture・product designer, respectively. We are based in Italy and Japan; craftsmanship is our daily work.

WEB SITE : www.noma.co

Members of Noma

Masato Koide Born in Nara. Living in Italy
In 2001 he moved to Italy, where he is currently working on various design projects. Clothing Designer, graphic and photographic technician and project producer.

Azusa Iwai Born in Osaka. Living in Italy
After having experience as clothing designer and patterner in Osaka, Japan. She moved to Italy in 2004. Currently she works as a patterner for several well-known brands. Clothing designer, patterner and tailoring.

Kohsuke Suzuki Born in Nara. Living in Japan
After working in Japan, He spent time in a design office in Denmark in 2009. Currently, he designs furniture and products in Japan. Furniture and product designer, graphic technician.